Welcome to Data Cross


I have worked in the field of Information Technology since I was 15 years old. Over the years I have developed, and maintained a passion for helping people.  Unlike other IT Professionals, I understand that my clients or potential clients have busy lives running their businesses, and may not have the time or desire to keep up with the latest technological trend; so they hire me to guide, advise, plan, grow, and maintain the technologies that are the backbone of their operations.

Welcome To Data Cross

IT and Computer Solutions for your home or office small business.

Data Cross is a full-service computer repair and IT Services company serving home users, home-based business users, and small office business owners in Southern California (Santa Barbara County through San Diego County).

Building on over 23 years’ experience, I take pride in assisting clients with ALL of their technology needs. Formally starting business in 2006, I have helped several organizations plan, implement, and maintain their computer, mobile device, Point-of-sale systems, internet/Wi-Fi connections, software, and camera security needs.

Data Cross, primarily, services emerging or established small businesses whether home or office-based.  My clients vary in industries including: restaurants, clothing boutiques, mobile device stores, accounting practices, small doctor’s offices, manufacturing and architectural firms, private schools and daycares, churches, non-profits, online-based eCommerce or blogs, husband & wife home offices and more.

Data Cross’ mission is to help startups plan, grow, and maintain their organization, while realizing the great benefits of modern technology. Bridging the digital divide is a task that will not be accomplished overnight, but one person and one business at a time. With my training and experience in all relevant technology and best practices, I am able to ensure that I help people cross the bridge into success.

In an effort to maintain my mission I make sure I am accessible when you need assistance, have questions or need technological advice. All phone calls, text messages, and emails are answered quickly, and professionally by me within 12-24 hours. No one can run your business the way you can or will. My mission is to help you plan, grow, and maintain the technological needs of your business, and customers.

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All our networking services are available in affordable prices never pay extra amount after any services.

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Pay only for the things you need. We do not try to make a little extra at your expense.

Process Technology

Utilized for measuring flow, temperature level and pressure in the computer industry.

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To get a free no obligation quote, please email us your details or call us and we will get back to the same day.

“We aim to create unmatched positive relationships with our valued customers and help them with any of their networking problem.”

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Our peoples are fully qualified with all type of network services.

Quincy J. Freeman, “Cue”
Owner / Network Administrator

Quincy J. Freeman, “Cue”

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We do everything for our clients, people, and partners, not to win awards. Although it is nice to be seen for growing our exclusive companies, doing great work.

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