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Your Network is the backbone of your business and enterprise. Let us design and build out your networking solution today.

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We are deep into the era of homeownership aligning with entrepreneurship, 5G and Wireless systems are here but that does not mean your home does not need network cabling.

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Your location may have its challenges but there is a network solution for you. With our airFiber technology we can provide quality and consistent internet solution!

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We are passionate about delivering growth in the computer networking field.

What We Offer

We are offering the following information about what we actually do in the network services sector.

Network Cable installation

The art of running network cabling installations that provide all the necessary data solutions to suit your business, home or industrial premises.

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Server maintenance

Electrical Services are able to service your entire electrical infrastructure from Thermal Imaging of your switch boards.

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Network Speed Assessments

We provide impeccable safety assessments to both commercial and residential properties. Our adept and knowledgeable electricians.

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IP Camera Security System

Utilised for measuring flow, temperature level and pressure in the manufacturing industry. This array of technology is used to ensure productivity.

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Network Switch Installation

Accurate switchboard installations and upgrades. A-Live Electrical Services have mastered the trade of electrical switchboard upgrades and repairs.

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Patch Panel Upgrades

Traditionally, electricity is supplied through overhead network poles, where the cable from the power pole is connected to your building.

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